About Us

Here at ExposingTheSecret.net we provide you with a complete solution to the three main reasons people fail to achieve success in this business:

  1. They’re trying to sell overpriced products that nobody really wants or needs. Zeal for Life ELIMINATES this problem – feel results in 5-20 minutes.
  2. They’re trying to earn money from a compensation plan that’s tilted against them. The Zurvita compensation plan ELIMINATES this problem providing both fast start-up money and long-term residual pay.
  3. They lack a proven marketing, support and training system to make fast duplication possible. The marketing, support and training by Coach Mardock and Colter Brinkley of the Success Stories Group along with the Zeal and Zurvita opportunity ELIMINATES these common problems completely.

Zurvita and Zeal for life take care of number 1 and 2 above. Colter Brinkley and Coach Mardock of the Success Stories Group provides you with a solution to number 3 in abundance.