Zeal for Life Review – Professionals Speak Out

By | August 10, 2021

When we set out to do this Zeal for Life review we turned to professionals on the Zurvita scientific and medical advisory board to share their thoughts.

Great results demand great attention so when it came time to do a Zeal for Life review, we felt there was no better resource on the subject than the product formulator and a couple of prominent members of Zurvita’s Medical Advisory Board.

In doing the research, story after story after story started popping up about all of the people that were getting some amazing life-changing results with this product. As if that weren’t enough, a prominent university did a double-blind placebo study on the effects of Zeal and they documented what people were experiencing.

At first glance the Zeal for Life product line looked like just another nutritional supplement, but nothing could be further from the truth. From what we’ve discovered, no other nutritional product on the market can even compete with this formula.

It’s true that Zeal for Life has no competition and these three professionals will give you a view of some of the reasons why.

Mark McKnight Review: Product Formulator, Medical Advisory Board Member

In 1993 Mark started working in the natural product industry. With his strong background and mathematical skills he participated in both Research and Development as well as sales. Early on in his career, from a group of over 10,000 health food store owners, Mark won the People’s Choice Award for “Best Tasting Health Drink”. Mark has been responsible for the launch of 100’s of natural nutritional products sold in 30 plus different countries. He is also a member of the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) and the Natural Products Association (NPA).

Jim Badman, MD Review: Medical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board Member

As a Family Medicine Practitioner for more than 15 years, Jim’s special interests are in healthy aging and preventative medicine. Jim leads a busy family practice in Orlando, Florida where testing and treating vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a part of his routine. Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree with Cum Laude honors, from the University of Central Florida and his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of South Florida. Jim served as Chairman of the Family Practice Department at the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, FL and currently serves as a Medical and Scientific Board Member with Zurvita.

Scott VanLue, MD Review: Scientific Advisory Board and Medical Advisory Board Member

During his extensive medical career, Dr. Scott VanLue has owned family practices and been a consulting physician for professional hockey’s Orlando Solar Bears, WNBA’s Orlando Miracle and NBA’s Orlando Magic. His interests lie in exercise, nutrition, wellness applications and functional medicine. Scott graduated (with honors) with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Chemistry and his Doctor of Medicine degree from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. From Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He earned and served his residency at the University of South Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Scott holds a license from the American Academy of Family Practice, a Florida state medical license and a certificate of added qualifications in sports medicine.

6 Key Points of the Video Reviews Above

  • The Zeal for Life Wellness Formula is a major advancement in nutritional wellness and why everyone in the world today needs this product.
  • In the world today, people need nutrient rich whole food in their diet and they are just not getting it.
  • Zeal contains a process patented Stabilized Rice Bran making it the most nutrient dense whole food source found anywhere in the world.
  • It’s a simple-to-use all in one product that contains not just 1 or 2 Super Foods, but an impressive combination of 38 of them in all. There’s nothing better, nutritionally speaking, that you could possibly put in your body.
  • Along with Stabilized Rice Bran, the Zeal formula contains a number of Adaptogenic Herbs that provide incredible benefits in their own right. Ashwagandha, Moringa Oleifera and Bacopa Extract just to name a few more.
  • Stabilized Rice Bran, 38 Super Foods including Adaptogenic herbs blended together; try to find another product or group of products like it anywhere.

Why Not Do Your Own Zeal for Life Review?

If you’re interested in finding out what Zeal for Life can do for you, don’t hesitate for a single second to try it out for yourself. It’s easy to do, there’s nothing better than a first hand experience and there’s no question you’ll be happy you did. No other product or even a combination of other products can even come close to competing with Zeal offers you. Let us prove it to you.

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