Is Zurvita a Scam with Lots of Complaints?

By | September 5, 2021

Is Zurvita a Scam?

Are There Any Zeal for Life or Zurvita Complaints?

The Short Answers… No and Maybe.

If the short answers don’t satisfy your curiosity, read on and take a closer look at what we found in our research. I’ll explain what ‘maybe’ means in a moment.

When you do a search for Zurvita ScamZurvita Complaints or even Zeal for Life scam, you’ll likely run across a group of people that promote other companies and are trying to manipulate you into clicking their link. And you’ll find ZERO facts or evidence about any type of Zurvita Scam. In reality, they are scamming you into thinking that you are going to learn about why Zurvita is a scam only to try to sell you on their program, negativity or lead generation course.

Meet the Zurvita Scam Scammers: What a Bunch of Malarkey!

Here you are doing serious research trying to find out if Zurvita is a scam or not and you’re swept off to something that doesn’t even pertain. A total waste of your valuable time. I promise not to do that to you in this Zurvita review. As a matter of fact, I’ll even give you my phone number and email address. If you’d like to call or email me, I’ll be happy to answer your questions or concerns directly.

If Zurvita is a Scam…

Where are All of Those Zurvita Complaints Hiding?

Play detective for a few minutes and check the facts. Go on over to Google, Bing or Yahoo! and type in “Zurvita Complaints” or “Zurvita Scam” and do a search. If you do find any complaints at all, dig in and find out why the person is complaining. You can even look for complaints concerning Zeal for Life while you’re at it… Just type in “Zeal for Life Complaints” or “Zeal for Life scam” to see what that brings up.

We both know that no company is perfect 100% of the time and neither are its customers. So when you’re trying to dig up legitimate dirt on Zurvita or Zeal for Life, nothing more than a small misunderstanding or miscommunication pops up on the radar. We couldn’t find any legitimate problem concerning a Zeal for Life scam or Complaint anywhere.

Check the BBB for Zurvita Scam, Zurvita Complaints or Zeal for Life Scam and the only thing that you’ll find worthy of noting is the A+ Rating!

Ask anyone who has been taking the Zeal Wellness product can tell you that while it’s true that you can feel it working in as little as 20 minutes, it keeps getting better from there… And after 90 days or more on the product, it becomes clear that this is something you never want to miss out on in your daily life.

Is Zurvita a Scam? No, Definitely Not.

Are There Any Zurvita of Zeal for Life Complaints? Well, Maybe…

The biggest Zurvita or Zeal for Life complaint that I’ve heard is “Help! I’m down to my last serving of my Zeal Wellness Formula and forgot to order more!” And that’s when you’ll hear me say “That’s why I told you to go on autoship silly. You get a nice discount and have your 30 day supply delivered automatically every 30 days.”

Generally speaking, maybe you could call that a complaint.

It’s true. When you get down to your last scoop of Zeal Wellness two emotions can creep up on you… “I’m so happy that I have a spare jar of Zeal in the cabinet” OR... Oh-oh. Panic sets in because you didn’t think that a monthly autoship with discount prices was a good idea… and you hadn’t placed your darn order yet.

  • If someone said to you “Don’t get involved with that Zurvita scam or Zeal for Life scam”, and you believed them, then you’re the one that’s likely getting scammed if you listened to them.
  • If you hear of any Zurvita or Zeal for Life complaints, then get down to the nitty-gritty and find out why that complaint occurred. Chances are good that it will boil down to a simple misunderstanding.

You can read all you want to about it but nothing can replace your own personal experience. Personally, I would never want to go a day without my Zeal and so many people tell me the same thing.

I urge you to be your own judge, try out Zeal Wellness for yourself and consider becoming a Zurvita Consultant. See the Zeal for Life video to learn more and hear from other Zeal for Life users.

If you’re still skeptical, look at the side-bar and order yourself a 6-day sample pak. I’m certain that you won’t have any Zeal for Life or Zurvita complaints or thinking that Zurvita is some sort of a scam once you experience this amazing product.

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