Is Zurvita a Pyramid Scheme?

By | September 1, 2021

When you begin working with Zurvita, chances are that somebody will ask you if Zurvita is a pyramid scheme. Here’s two answers and two pyramid examples.

The “Is Zurvita a Pyramid Scheme?” Question.

Generally, when somebody asks me this, I’ll ask them what they mean by a pyramid and then do my best to give them an honest and accurate answer.

So, What Kind of Pyramid are You Talking About Anyway?

1. Pyramid Scheme (illegal) – These are illegal and do not last long because they get shut down very quickly by regulators. Many times people that start them end up with heavy fines, jail time or both. In a pyramid scheme, there are no products and no customers. Only money being paid to take a position in the scheme in hopes that others will pay money and take positions that will pay you even more money back. There’s NO Product and There are NO Customers. It’s a pure money game, it’s illegal, very RISKY and they are usually shut down very, very quickly.

2. A Pyramid (legal) – A pyramid is simply a structure. It’s a structure that almost every business in the world follows. Some are good and others are not so good. Zurvita is a pyramid alright but is most definitely not a pyramid scheme.

Let’s Compare Two Pyramid Examples

Example 1 (not so good): Take a look at companies like Walmart, Target, Costco and every other large company. Police Departments, the Military, Automakers, Construction Companies, Hospitals, Restaurants… almost every company or organization that you can think of is structured like a pyramid.

You have the CEO on top making really big money… Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors etc… Then you have District Mangers responsible for stores in a certain country or sections of a country… Then you have the General Managers of the actual store… Then the Department Mangers like Garden Dept., Auto Dept., Clothing Dept., Grocery Dept., etc… Then you have all of the workers at the bottom of the pyramid.

You get the idea.

NONE (well, maybe one in a million) of these people will EVER make it to the top of the pyramid and have the opportunity to make the income of the CEO. Almost every one of them will stay at the bottom or close to the bottom forever. This is the typical person who works for someone else as an employee.

Ugh… That’s a sad thought.

As one of my mentors, Jim Rohn used to say “profits are better than wages”. How true that is. And it’s not all about the profit either, it’s about living your life on your own terms.

Example 2 (very good choice): Take a look at how a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing company such as Zurvita works. This is a pyramid that you can truly be proud to be a part of. It does not matter when you start your business with Zurvita, everyone, every single person starts out ON TOP.

That’s right, every Consultant in Zurvita starts at THE TOP of his or her own business organization.

Zurvita has been in business for more than 5 years now. They offer an amazingly valuable and unique health product at a lower cost and convenience than can be found anywhere else. It’s been nicknamed “a health food store in a bottle”. People love the product and it adds value to their lives.

Don’t believe me? Just try Zeal Wellness once a day for 30 days and for most people, you will not want to stop.

To advertise their Zeal for Life product line, they pay everyday people like you and I commissions and bonuses when we refer customers to them. The companies in Example 1 (above) buy advertising to attract new customers whereas Zurvita does not; they reward and pay people like us to attract new customers for them.

If you think about it, this ia really brilliant. While Example 1 pyramid companies pay for advertising upfront, hoping the money they spend will attract new business to them, companies like Zurvita pay ZERO advertising costs until AFTER the product is sold.

This is a perfectly legal and acceptable way of doing business. You probably already recommend products that you like to other people anyway… Just not getting paid for it – until now.

The “Is Zurvita a Pyramid” Short Answer:

Yes, Zurvita IS a Pyramid!

Yes, Zurvita is a pyramid, but it’s probably not the kind of pyramid you’re thinking of. If you are employed by a company, chances are you’ll never make it to the top of your companies pay plan. With Walmart, Target, Costco and every other large company, virtually no person working there will ever reach the top of their company.

With Zurvita, every single person starts out on top of their own business. Every single person no matter when they start, has the potential to reach the top of the Zurvita pay plan. This creates a situation where many, many people can earn a very good living and not just a choice few at the top of the corporate pyramid.

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